BBS RS 112

Everything you need to know about the BBS RS 111 / 112
– The original 5×108 Volvo RS Wheels

BBS RS 111 & RS 112

Well, let’s talk about OEM Volvo wheels from back in the day. You know, those on the the 240, 740, 780, 960, 940 models – they weren’t exactly turning heads in the wheel department. It was like Volvo had a meeting and said, “Alright, folks, let’s make sure our wheels are as exciting as a tax audit” I mean, maybe they threw us a bone with the 17” Polaris, built by ATS Germany, and its little sibling, the 16” Galaxy. But if you wanted to stand out, you had to take a detour through the land of aftermarket wheels.

Now, picture this: 3-piece BBS RS wheels. I’m talking love at first sight on any car – BMWs, Porsches from the ’80s, you name it. But hear this, what if I told you there were genuine BBS 3-piece RS wheels with RWD Volvo specs, ready to slide right onto your 140, 240, and 740 models? It’s like a dream come true, right? Well, hold on to your lug nuts, because they do exist! They go by the names RS 111 and RS 112.

But, and here’s the kick in the pants, folks – they’re rarer than a snowball in hell. Harder to find than a polite New Yorker. I mean, during ’86 to ’92, it’s like people were saying, “Nah, I don’t want my Volvo to look too cool. Let’s stick with the boring wheels, just to be safe.”
So, if you ever stumble upon a set of these bad boys, you betters treat ’em like the crown jewels of your Volvo collection. Because those RS 111 and RS 112 wheels are like the unicorns of the Volvo world – elusive, magical, and probably gonna cost you a pretty penny. But hey, who said standin’ out was gonna be cheap, right?

BBS RS 112, Gold, 8J Mounted on a Volvo 240
16″ BBS RS 112 with an 2.5″ outer lip (8.5J total)

The Specs

BS RS 111 – 3 Piece WheelBBS RS 112 – 3 Piece Wheel

Size: 16″x7J ET11
Bolt Pattern: 5×108
Hubbore: 65.1
4x 36 M7 nuts
4x 36 M7x27 bolts  
Barrel width: 5
Outer Lip width: 1,5
Production: From ’86 – ’92
Model: Volvo 740, 760

Size: 16″x7.5J ET17
Bolt Pattern: 5×108
Hubbore: 65.1
4x 36 M7 nuts
4x 36 M7x27 bolts 
Barrel width: 5.5J
Outer Lip width: 1.5J 
Production: From ’86 – ’92
Model: Volvo 740, 760
Volvo 244 / 240 sedan with gold BBS RS 112 wheels. Front 7.5J Rear 8.5J wide

So, where do you even begin this treasure hunt?

Well, you can start by keeping an eye out on places like Craigslist, where occasionally, someone really dumb might just decide to part ways with these beauties. And don’t forget about the Turbobricks forum classifieds – you might stumble upon a listing there.
But here’s a little secret sauce for you: Instagram. Yeah, that’s right, Instagram isn’t just for duckface selfies and food pics anymore. People are actually selling stuff there, and wheels are no exception. Try throwing in a hashtag like #bbsrs111, and who knows, you might strike gold.

But your best shot is to head over to the German version of eBay, known as Klein Anzeigen. Makes sense, right? After all, BBS is as German as Bratwurst and beer. A lot of BBS goodies tend to hang out in their home turf. Now, when it comes to prices, get ready for a rollercoaster ride. You could pay anywhere from €1,000 for wheels that need serious TLC to a whopping €4,000 for a set that’s so pristine, you’d think they were crafted by the wheel gods themselves.

And if you’re done with all that web scouring, here’s a little pro tip – set up some search notifications on eBay. Then, you play the waiting game. It’s like fishing, but without the fish.
May the BBS gods smile upon your search

Volvo 244 / 240 sedan with gold BBS RS 112 wheels. Front 7.5J Rear 8.5J wide

The Part Numbers

The cool thing about RS wheels is that you can customize them to your liking. Do you want wider outer lips or inner barrels? No problem, there are a lot of companies that reproduce high quality parts. So if you for example got lucky and got yourself 4 RS 112 centers, you can still built the entire wheels up with genuine BBS or high quality after market parts! But also there’s a huge RS community trading used OEM parts. To find correct or original parts you need the original BBS numbers. These numbers are always stamped into the part itself. For the RS111 and RS112 wheels the part numbers are as followed: 

Hex Cap (or ‘Sechskant or Sechskantmutter’ in German’ 09.24.013 (full height. Also as an alternative you could fit the 09.24.152 cap (half height) depending on your taste.

3D Centercap (or ‘Nabendeckel‘ in German) 09.24.036 or 09.23.221

Metal ring 09.23.409

Waffle (or ‘wabendeckel’ or ‘Nabenabdeckung‘ in German) 09.24.028

BBS RS Parts: Hex nut, Gold Waffle, Ring and 3D Gold BBS center cap
Center BBS RS 112 fitting Volvo 240, 740, 940, 780 and first generation 960

When were they produced?

So you’re sitting there, staring at your fancy BBS RS wheels, thinking, “When the hell were these things born?!” Well, let me break it down for you. There’s this little four-digit stamp on each of those wheels, just waiting to spill the beans. Mine, for instance, say 4887.
The first two digits, that’s the week number, and the last two digits, well, that’s the year. So, in my case, these beauties rolled off the line in week 48 in the epic year of 1987. Can you believe it? 1987! It was a year of big hair, neon spandex, and probably some questionable fashion choices, but your wheels were born right in the middle of it.

Now, those RS111 and RS112 probably ran from ’86 to ’92. Boom! Wheel history lesson in a nutshell. Show off your wheel wisdom and score some free beers, my friends! So, there you have it, the quest for these wheels is like an epic adventure. Good luck out there, and may the wheel BBS gods shine their alloy blessings upon your search!

Volvo 240 on BBS RS wheels, 16 inch